View change script

A new feature in version 4.0 is the ability to view the change script before applying changes.

New in 3.0: printing support

A recent feature introduced in version 3.0 is printing support. The content of any grid can be sent to the printer or exported to a PDF file.

Customize look and feel using styles

Also introduced in version 3.0 is the ability to customize the look and feel of the application using styles.

SQL Query Builder

If you are not an SQL expert but want to create complex queries visually, you can use the integrated Query Builder to generate SQL SELECT queries in a visual interface.

Executing SQL Queries

SQLite Expert allows users to easily execute SQL scripts and display the results in the grid or as text. The result set is also editable if all columns in the selection query are from one table.

SQLite Expert supports syntax highlighting, saving and loading scripts to/from files, SQL history, and interrupting the execution of long running queries.

Displaying and editing data in the grid

SQLite Expert allows users to insert, delete and edit the table data in the grid.

You can just click a grid cell and modify its value. Clicking on the "Post" button in the navigator panel will save the data to database. You can use Up, Down, PageUp and PageDown keys to traverse the grid cells.

Displaying data as text

You can also display a table or a query result set in text format.

Table design: Field editor

SQLite Expert allows restructuring tables without losing data already existing in the tables. Restructuring a table is wrapped in a nested transaction which is rolled back if any error occurs when applying changes to the table.

Table design: Index editor

Indexes can be added, deleted, modified and renamed visually. SQLite Expert supports index field collation and reordering, primary, unique and autoincrement indexes and conflict clause editing.

Table design: Foreign key editor

SQLite introduced full support for foreign keys in version 3.6.19. Beginning with version 2.2, SQLite Expert allows editing of foreign keys visually. Foreign keys can be added, deleted and modified.

Table design: Trigger editor

Triggers can be added, deleted, modified and renamed visually.

Table design: Check constraint editor

Check constraints can be added, deleted, modified and renamed visually.

Table design: Unique constraint editor

Unique constraints can be added, deleted, modified and renamed visually.

View design

Views can be added, deleted, modified and renamed visually. Temporary views are supported.

Image editor

If a column holds an image, it can be opened in an Image Editor as shown in the screenshot.

Currently supports BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF and ICO formats.

Hex editor

The content of any field can be displayed and edited in a hex editor.

Manage SQLite Extensions

Load and unload SQLite extensions. Auto extensions are supported in the Professional Edition.

SQLite Expert offers the unique feature to display the functions and collations installed by any SQLite extension.

Table design: Record editor

A recent feature is the record editor, very useful for tables with a large number of columns.

Importing and exporting data

SQLite Expert currently supports the following methods for importing and exporting data:

  • Import data from SQLite, SQL script, ADO data source using the Data Transfer Wizard.
  • Import data from text files (CSV, TSV).
  • Export data to SQLite, SQL script using the Data Transfer Wizard.
  • Export data to text files(CSV, TSV), XML, HTML or Excel.
  • Transfer tables between SQLite databases using drag and drop.
  • Transfer records between SQLite tables or to Excel via clipboard.