Frequently Asked Questions

  • To place a purchase order for SQLite Expert Professional, please follow the instructions in Share-It's Customer Care Center.

    Make sure to specify one of the following Product IDs:

    300747776: SQLite Expert Professional - single license

    300744550: SQLite Expert Professional - single license + update subscription

    300747777: SQLite Expert Professional - site license

    300744551: SQLite Expert Professional - site license + update subscription

  • You have to install a SQLite library that supports the same encryption algorithm that was used to encrypt the database. See help file for more information.

  • SQLite Expert was unable to load the library. Common reasons include:

    The library is for the wrong platform (i.e. 32bit library for 64bit SQLite Expert).

    The library has unsatisfied external dependencies such as the Visual C++ runtime library.

    The library does not export one or more functions required by SQLite Expert.

  • Please look for a license file called license3.key, either in the Program Data folder or in the Users folder. You can use this file to register version 4.x. If you are unable to find it then please contact support with your registration information.

  • Automatic forum registration has been disabled due to spam bots. To register, please email support with "register" in the subject and your desired user name in the message body.

  • Currently SQLite Expert only supports boolean values stored as integers 0 (false) and 1 (true).